Upcoming change to “standard” unleaded fuel in UK

During this Summer the composition of UK standard unleaded petrol will be changing.
This is part of the Government’s policy to reduce overall CO2 emissions and will be implemented nationally by the start of September 2021.

Currently ‘standard’ unleaded petrol is classified as E5, where 5% of the fuel is ethanol.
Over the next couple of months this will start to change with the grade moving to E10, where the ethanol content increases to 10% of the fuel.

The UK Government website GOV.UK states that “All Saab vehicles with petrol engines produced since the mid 1980’s are cleared for use with E10 petrol”, however some experts have suggested that in using E10 engines may increase fuel consumption slightly and there could be some question marks over engine longevity in using the new E10 grade all the time.

If you find that E10 doesn’t work too well, it may be advisable to use Super Unleaded fuel once every few fill ups, as this fuel retains E5 classification limiting ethanol element to 5%.

Super Unleaded also contains a number of chemically engineered additives, which help boost the octane rating and enable the engine to operate with maximum efficiency.

For turbocharged engines this includes the mutually beneficial “win-win” of BOTH power and improved mpg!

It is of course worth remembering the benefits of Saab Fuel treatments.

In “easy to use” 300ml cans, they can thoroughly cleanse the fuel system from tank to injectors, removing resins, carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and any unwanted moisture in the fuel lines.

You will find the Petrol System Cleaner in stock here at APL together with SAAB treatments for Diesel Systems, DPF’s, Oxygen Sensors & Oil Systems.