New Generation 9-5

SAAB’s new generation 9-5 was a clear indication of things to come from SAAB under the ownership of Spyker, who brought the all new model to market in 2010.

The NG 9-5 is major step forward from the previous 9-5 in terms of quality, options and technology.

A bewildering number of specifications were available with 1.6, 2.0 & 2.8 V6 turbocharged petrol engines plus 2.0 litre single or twin turbo diesels on offer.

In addition to the usual manual or automatic transmissions, cross wheel drive (XWD) could also be purchased. The XWD system, engineered by Swedish four-wheel drive specialists Haldex, requires specialised servicing using very specific oils, all of which we keep in stock.

The diagnostic hardware and software for the NG 9-5 is also totally new, requiring a completely separate range of diagnostic equipment. Naturally APL have the MDi2 hardware and GDS2 software to keep your NG 9-5 in good health.

And if you would like a little more performance from your 9-5 take a look at our Hirsch tuning page where you can find details of NG 9-5 upgrades.

New Generation 9-5